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Classroom Expectations

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Because of the unique nature and set-up of our classroom, there are some general rules that have to be observed.

  • You Must attend remote or physically present school / class everyday.

  • You Must be on time and physically present class everyday.

  • You MUST check in on your Google Classroom every day.

  • Before you use any equipment in the classroom- it's not a bad idea to use hand sanitizer.

  • You Must be prepared with a Pen or a Pencil / Chromebook

  • No water, juice or food at any time in our physical classroom

  • Do not connect or disconnect anything to / or from the computer without the teachers' permission

  • Cell Phones will not be allowed to disrupt the instructional process of the classroom.

    Lead by example
  • Bathroom Passes will be limited.

  • Inappropriate Language is NEVER tolerated at any time

  • Respect Others - verbal abuse, teasing or bullying will not be tolerated.

  • Respect Property - You are responsible for the equipment and supplies you will be using in the classroom.

(updated 9/1/2022)